About Us

Kiddit – The Online Toy Store Where Imagination Meets Education

At Kiddit, our online toy store was born from a real passion to provide parents with a fantastic resource where they can buy toys online with complete confidence. We recognize that all children are unique; our fantastic toys help to nurture the main areas of development through play - with no gender limitations.

It’s no secret that children learn while engaging with fun activities, and providing them with the right toys and games is the best way to encourage new skills and enhance their development. While finding interesting and fun toys is important for parents, they also want the peace of mind that comes with high quality, safety and reliability - plus great value too!

Kiddit is committed to supplying kids toys that meet all of this criteria; we hand-pick all of our products through a careful and thoughtful selection process, finding high quality and inspirational toys from developmental toys for babies and toddlers, to games and outdoor toys for older kids and so much more – because although play means fun, we take our responsibility to our customers seriously. Ethically sourced products from trusted manufacturers predominantly in the EU and USA gives you the peace of mind that the products on our website meet required safety standards – and we also have a range of organic and eco-friendly products too! Keeping kids entertained and parents satisfied is at the core of our company values – everyone's a winner!

Buy Toys Online For A Great Shopping Experience

Whether you’re shopping from a PC, laptop or mobile device, you want an enjoyable experience where you can quickly find the toys that are right for your child – so we’ve created an online toy store that’s easy to navigate, with great prices and fast shipping. You can search by category, such as arts and crafts, building toys, educational toys, toy vehicles, or even toys by age.

We believe that children’s toys should educate, inspire, offer lots of fun and help them to explore and use their imagination. With children’s toys that can be played at home or at school, with parents, family, friends or independently, we feel certain that our online store has something for everyone!

From developing physical skills and encouraging active play, nurturing analytical and problem-solving skills, to helping children to interact with others and the world around them, our online store covers every element of a child’s path to young adulthood.

We Care About Your Kids

We understand that when looking for children’s toys, it’s not just fun and development that matters, but safety is essential too – plus it’s always a bonus if you can find toys that are also manufactured with the environment in mind.

When sourcing new products for your little ones to play with, we use three key criteria to help us select the best possible toys:

  1. Safety – this is always the priority for our team, so we ensure that our toys have been made according to the highest safety standards for your peace of mind.
  2. Quality – we only select toys that have been made well, look great, offer a quality play experience, and also help to progress your child’s development, whatever their age or interests.
  3. Value – raising kids can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean their toys have to be too! We look for toys that won’t bust your budget, providing lots of fun while also offering fantastic value for money.

Quality Toys And Happy Kids – Our Priority

We want your children to enjoy their play experiences, but while they’re having fun, we also like to feel that they’re getting lots of other benefits too. Not only are we committed to great quality and safety, but we also carefully select toys, games and activities that will stimulate their senses and encourage their creative, emotional, intellectual and social development!

A Passion For Fun, Educational Products

It’s vital for children to develop a passion for learning, so we specialize in choosing toys that offer exceptional educational value, lots of fun and open ended play. Our educational toys help children to build critical thinking skills, while also giving them a chance to explore the world around them and inspire their imagination, whether alone or with friends and family.

Physical, Intellectual And Social Development

The team at Kiddit love to find ways to enhance every aspect of your children’s development, so we always source toys that not only help them build core skills, but also inspire them to keep discovering and learning. Play is essential for emotional, social and physical growth and helps to boost brain-power too – and we’re passionate about providing the best tools to support this!

Committed To Society And Sustainability

We all play a part when it comes to caring for the planet, so while quality and fun is important, we also create partnerships with manufacturers who prefer to use sustainable and eco-friendly materials where possible. Much of our key selection criteria focuses on building better societies – through playing together and working together to protect the world around us.