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Homeschooling Your Kids
by Kiddit on January 30, 2017
Homeschooling seems to be undergoing something of a renaissance these days. No longer seen as archaic, socially unacceptable or the sole provenance of religious minorities, it is becoming increasingly popular with families of all walks of life across many quarters of the world, from the US and Canada, to the UK and Australia. Current estimates put the number of US children being homeschooled at 1.5 million, followed by Canada (80,000), while in the UK, where estimates put the figures at around 50,000 children.
How Physical Activity Boosts Kids' Brain Power
by Kiddit on December 29, 2016
Scientists have discovered something surprising. It turns out that exercise doesn't just keep our bodies fit – it can also boost brain power. A growing number of studies from around the world all point to the same conclusion: that regular spells of aerobic exercise not only enhance IQ, memory and attention span, but can even affect brain size! So impressive are the findings that researchers are now recommending regular spells of physical activity be incorporated into the school day to improve concentration levels and enhance children's academic performance. Teachers and parents are also cottoning onto this newfound link between mental and physical fitness
How To Create A Garden Classroom For Kids
by Kiddit on August 25, 2016
Learning outside offers a number of benefits – as Cathy James explores in her book, The Garden Classroom. If you’re inspired by this idea and want to turn your outdoor space into a learning zone, here’s some ideas to get you started. Our children spend most of their days indoors. At school, most of the learning takes place in an indoor classroom, and there’s not much opportunity for them to interact with nature at all. The Garden Classroom, an inspirational book by Cathy James, explores the benefits of learning outside, and features some great ideas about how to get your child off the couch and into the Great Outdoors.
10 New Painting Activities For Kids
by Kiddit on July 29, 2016
Kids of all ages love painting. It gives them the chance to get creative, and it assists with their development too. In this article, you’ll find 10 new painting activities for your child to enjoy – which also support their learning. Painting is a great activity for children. It provides them with the chance to express themselves creatively, whilst exploring shapes, lines and composition. However, as any parent knows, kids soon get bored if they’re not given variety and fresh stimulation. In this article, you’ll find 10 new ways to approach painting with your child; which are not only enjoyable, but develop your child’s learning at the same time.
Teaching STEM – Skills For The Future
by Kiddit on June 25, 2016
STEM teaching not only gives your child firm understanding of science, technology, engineering and math, but also prepares them for their future careers – and for their lives as adults in the 21st century. STEM education is more than just learning about key subject areas. It’s about developing your child’s curiosity, and letting them discover the world through exploration and experimentation. Given the knowledge-based, globalized society we live in, this is now more important than ever.
The 10 Best Garden Games For Children
by Kiddit on May 30, 2016
Outdoor play is vital for the health and wellbeing of your child. However, getting them away from the TV can be tricky! Here’s some great activities to inspire your child to get out into the garden. Did you know that, according to a recent Nielson report, the average child in the US watches 24 hours of TV a week? That’s the equivalent of one day in seven, spent staring at the television screen… and that doesn’t include time spent playing on tablets or video games! It’s an alarming situation, but one that’s increasingly getting worse. In fact, many children spend hardly any time outside, and this has serious consequences.
10 Ways to Encourage Your Child to be More Environmentally Friendly
by Kiddit on April 28, 2016
Your child is part of the next generation – and they need to know how to protect the planet that they’ll one day inherit. Read on to find out how to develop their understanding of ecological issues – and to become more eco-friendly. The earth is officially under threat. Mass extinction of animals and plant life, global warming, melting ice-caps – it’s a worrying situation, and as a species, we need to address the problem fast.
How To Develop Your Child’s Learning With Educational Toys
by Kiddit on February 22, 2016
There are so many toys available – and determining which to buy can be difficult. Here’s a guide to the most effective educational toys, and how they help your child to develop. We’re still in the midst of a technological revolution, and our children are increasingly surrounded by gadgets – from tablets and smart phones to sophisticated electronic toys. However, there are still plenty of traditional toys available – such as building blocks, dolls and dressing-up clothes. The big question for most parents is – how do you know which toys to invest in?
Which Toys Are Best For Helping Your Child To Develop Language Skills?
by Kiddit on January 31, 2016
Your child is surrounded by technological gadgets. But are they any better at assisting with language development, or can they have negative impact? It’s a question that many 21st century parents find themselves asking: which is better, technological gadgets or good old-fashioned toys? Many electronic games and apps promise a number of educational benefits. However, some traditional toys have been in existence for hundreds of years – which speaks volumes about their proven success! Recent studies have offered some insight into early language development – and suggest that technological toys may not be as beneficial for communication skills as traditional toys. Here’s more information.
10 Inspirational Festive-Themed Painting Activities For Your Child
by Kiddit on December 21, 2015
Are you looking for creative ideas to keep your children amused during Christmas time? Here’s a list of 10 great painting projects you can enjoy together. The temperatures are dropping, the nights are closing in – it can mean only one thing… winter is on its way! It’s likely that your child will be spending more time indoors, and as a result, you may be looking for creative ways to keep them entertained. Painting is always a great activity for children to enjoy – and it helps develop fine motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination, not to mention allowing their creativity to shine.
Help Your Child To Learn About Science With Educational Toys
by Kiddit on December 15, 2015
Literacy and numeracy are often focused on in school – but learning about science is every bit as important. Here’s why. Science is perhaps one of the most important subjects your child will learn about in school. But why exactly is it so vital? Quite simply – science involves learning about the world we live in. It helps your child to understand how things work, and why things are as they are. Science explains virtually everything in your child’s world – from the weather and the skies above their heads, to plants, animals, and even their own bodies.
The Power Of Arts And Crafts
by Kiddit on October 30, 2015
Arts and crafts activities not only get children thinking creatively. They help to foster a wide variety of skills, and they’re also really great fun! Here’s some great arts and crafts ideas for your children. It’s another rainy day, and the instinct is to find the paints and paper, and let your child get creative. However, this activity can get a little dull after a while, especially when both you and your child are struggling to find inspiration. After all, there’s only so many cats, dogs and elephants you can paint! Thankfully, there are a limitless numbers of arts and crafts activities for your child to enjoy, enabling you to pack away the trusty paint-set.
How To Use Toys To Develop Key Social Skills
by Kiddit on October 19, 2015
Developing social skills is a key aspect of growing up – but for some kids, this can be challenging. If your child is naturally a little hesitant about interacting with others, there’s some great toys and games to help develop confidence when interacting with others. We’re all familiar with the concept of ‘extroverted’ and ‘introverted’ people. In very basic terms, extroverts like to engage and interact with other people, whereas introverts prefer either their own company, or more intimate interaction with just a couple of trusted friends. Thankfully, we now live in a world where it’s perfectly acceptable to be both.
Using Educational Toys To Explore The World Of Art
by Kiddit on September 25, 2015
Children of all ages love expressing themselves through art. However, it’s more than just a creative activity – it’s educationally beneficial for a number of different reasons. Before investing in art and craft toys, it's important to understand why they're so integral to your child's development. Here's just a few reasons why learning art is so beneficial. Art is a great subject to learn with your child at home, not least because it’s fun! After all, what could be more entertaining than covering a balloon with papier mache, molding with messy clay or painting with bright colors? With this in mind, here’s some of Kiddit’s favorite art-based activities.
Exploring Sustainable Food With Your Children – The Fun Way!
by Kiddit on September 17, 2015
Think you can’t teach your child about sustainable food without them getting bored? Think again! Learning about sustainable food in your child’s early years is important – not just for helping them to become more aware of what they’re eating, but to help them to be more responsible with food in the future. Here’s Kiddit’s guide to learning about food, the fun way! When it comes to food, it’s likely that your main focus as a parent is encouraging your children to simply eat. Kids are notoriously fussy when it comes to meal-times, and getting them to take a tentative nibble at a piece of broccoli often feels like an uphill struggle.
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