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Exploring the World with Educational Science Toys

Most of us would agree that we should teach our children about science. But why is it so important, and which educational toys are best for the job? Early education is often centred on the two ‘big’ skills – numeracy and literacy. However, there’s no denying that learning about science from a young age is incredibly important too. After all, almost every activity that your child will undertake in their lives involves science to some degree or another. Why Is […]

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Tips For Sourcing Eco-friendly Toys

More than anyone else, parents have to juggle a world of different worries, even when it comes to selecting toys. Will my child like this? Is it age appropriate? Is it safe if they put it in their mouth? It’s not just about personal safety either – it’s of huge value to both nature and the child to nurture an understanding of conservation and environmental protection. Eco-friendly toys are a great way to start your child’s ‘green’ education: explain the […]

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