Top 8 Kids’ Birthday Party Themes

Wondering how to choose the perfect party theme for your child’s birthday? Struggling for ideas on how to make it a day to remember for all the right reasons? Here are our tips on making the perfect choice, plus 8 of our favorite kids’ party themes to provide you with some inspiration…

Top 8 Kids’ Birthday Party Themes

How To Choose The Best Birthday Party Theme

As you know, every child is unique, so it’s important that you select their birthday party theme based on them as an individual. It might be tempting to simply think of something you’ll find easy to organize, but it’s their special day, so you need to get it right! So before you make your final decision, consider the following:

  • Hobbies And Interests – what really gets your child excited? What kind of games or imaginative play do they tend to veer towards? Are they an animal lover, a sports fan, or do they love to dress up? What cartoon or comic book characters do they love? How about their heroes?
  • Venue – where are you planning to hold the party? Are you staying at home or hiring a hall? Do you want to host somewhere where food can be provided by the venue owner, such as a restaurant? Think about any opportunities or restrictions the venue may present.
  • How Many Guests? – Are you planning a big event or just inviting a few close friends? Are you including wider family, and will the other kids’ parents be staying or just dropping them off?
  • Colors – what’s your child’s favorite color(s)? Can you incorporate this into the theme? This can be a great way of personalizing the venue with decorations, or even asking everyone to come dressed in that color!
  • Budget And Time – what kind of budget do you have? How about time available to organize everything?

8 Awesome Birthday Party Themes That Kids Go Crazy For

So now you’ve thought about their interests and the practicalities, it’s decision time! Here are eight of our favorite themes to give you a head start on your ideas…

1. That’s Magic!

Kids’ are generally in awe of magic tricks – and there are loads of ways to incorporate this into a birthday party. If budget allows, you can hire a proper kids’ magician, or you can buy lots of small magic tricks from a supplier for them to practice and try with their friends, or even have a go at performing some yourself! Or if they love Harry Potter, buy or make a ‘sorting hat’, choose the house they belong to and set them into groups for fun magic-themed games! Don’t forget the wands and a rousing chorus of ‘abracadabra’!

2. Dinosaur Roar!

For a prehistoric party that will go down in history (well, for the kids anyway!), you have lots of options. They can come in fancy dress, and if dressing as a dinosaur seems a little too much effort, you can always get them to create caveman and cavewoman costumes and then extend the dinosaur theme through the decorations and food – not forgetting an awesome dinosaur birthday cake. Perhaps you have a local museum with a natural history theme where you can take them before a treat at a pizza parlor?

3. Go Wild

If dinosaurs aren’t quite their thing but they love animals, then a safari themed party can be great fun. Again, you can make it a fancy dress party where everyone comes as their favorite animal or you can buy ready-made face masks to keep the budget down for the guests’ parents. There are plenty of ways you can make this party into a wildlife adventure – even encouraging them to make safari-style decorations during the first part of the party to add to the fun! Or you could get all the kids to make their own hats with animal prints – even providing potato paint-stamps if you’re up to the challenge of making them. If you want to provide entertainment, get some animal puppets and act out a favorite story with them.

4. Wild, Wild West

A cowboy and cowgirl themed party is bags of fun, and you can adapt party games to fit in with the theme – or even have a competition to make the best ‘Wanted’ poster! If it’s summer, you could let them have a ‘cowboy shoot out’ with water pistols in the garden. Maybe you could get a couple of ‘ride-on’ horses and have races, or even tie a rope into a lasso and see who can lasso an object in the fastest time! You can also learn a simple line-dancing routine from YouTube and teach the kids how to do it!

5. Pirates

A long-loved theme that kids just can’t resist – you can buy a selection of eye patches, toy parrots and pirates hats for everyone to wear and encourage the kids to speak like pirates for the day. Lots of laughter guaranteed. Gather some empty toilet roll tubes and craft supplies and let them make their own little pirates to take home – and don’t forget pirate-themed cakes m’hearties! If you’re a bit crafty yourself, make a board with some pirate cutlasses or large plastic hooks and play a hoop-throw game!

6. Princess/Fairy

For girls (hey, or boys!) who love a classic fairytale, you can’t go wrong with a fairy or princess (or a fairy princess!) themed party. Many children may already have something suitable in their dressing-up box, but if not, it’s easy to create a simple fancy dress costume or provide some pretty accessories for party-goers. Tiaras, tutus, fairy wings… you get the idea! Of course no princess party would be complete without a castle, so why not choose that as the theme for the birthday cake? Boys don’t need to be left out either – they can choose to be a handsome prince, or even a frog!

7. Super-Heroes

Every child has a hero (or 3!), and with this party idea, all the children can play at being a champion for a day. Let everyone choose their own character – either from an existing story, or let them make up their own! You can let them create or hire a costume, or simply use masks and capes, or maybe some face paint and temporary tattoos. For activities, buy some Marvel or alternative superhero coloring books and pots of pens or colored pencils – or give them some paper and let them create their own super-hero story. Any games can easily be enjoyed with some extra fun once they’re gifted with their magic powers!

8. Sporty Fun

Active kids are happy kids, so if your birthday boy or girl loves to burn up some energy in the great outdoors, then a sports themed party is perfect. You could hold your own mini-Olympics, or just look through your games cupboard/shed/garage and utilize the supplies you already have. Bean bag throwing, races, hula hoop, long jump… just think about school sports events for extra ideas. You could have a leader board, give medals and certificates or keep it just for fun. If your garden isn’t big enough, take the kids to the local park and hold it there!

A Themed Party Doesn’t Have To Bust The Budget

There’s no need to worry about breaking the bank to achieve that celeb-worthy birthday party for your little one. These party ideas are creative, unique, lots of fun and best of all, won’t bust your budget. We hope this has inspired you to hold a themed birthday party for your child’s next birthday – but we appreciate that a child’s individuality will always dictate the most appropriate approach for their special day.

Birthdays are such a big event for young children, and they look forward to the celebrations for such a long time, but it’s also important that parents enjoy it too – you can also seek out some more budget-conscious, theme-focused supplies to keep outlay down – whether you use all or even one of these ideas, you can rest easier knowing you are a little further away from stress and closer to enjoying your child’s special day. Visit the Kiddit website for inspirational gifts and ideas for your child’s birthday.

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