Dolls and Stuffed Animals

Dolls and Stuffed Animals Are Playmates For A Lifetime!

Children love to play with stuffed animals, puppets and play dolls, which is why at Kiddit we’ve chosen a selection of the very best! Dolls and stuffed animals give children a sense of unconditional friendship, someone they can confide in and share special time with. As they grow, they’ll interact with their dolls and stuffed toys in different ways, using them to create scenarios in their own story-telling, helping them to develop empathy and understanding of others. Playing with dolls and cuddly animals also stimulates their imagination too – no wonder they love them so much!

At Kiddit, we stock fabulous dollhouses and doll accessories for fantasy play – and because you cherish your children and the world they live in, we also have a range of eco-friendly dolls and stuffed animals, made out of sustainable and organic materials. Let their imagination run wild and you may even be given a puppet show or a doll performance to watch!

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