10 Amazing Painting Projects For Kids To Enjoy This Holiday

Christmas always provides plenty of inspiration for creative kids! Here’s some fabulously festive painting projects you can enjoy with them this holiday.

There’s something about winter-time that brings out the creative urge in children. Perhaps it’s the longer nights and cooler temperatures, making them more likely to stay indoors – or perhaps it’s the thought of snow on the ground, festive decorations, and plenty of presents that inspires them!

10 Amazing Painting Projects For Kids To Enjoy This Holiday

Whatever the reason, it’s the perfect time to invest in some paints, brushes and paper, and let your child unleash their creative side. Here are 10 of the best painting-themed projects for you to enjoy this Christmas.

10 Great Painting Activities For Christmas

  1. Create Winter Wonderland Wallpaper – Purchase a giant roll of paper, then find some space in your home to spread it out on the floor. (Make sure you protect the surrounding floor with newspaper!) Then, using some chunky paintbrushes, let your child create a huge snow-scene – complete with Santa, penguins, snowmen and whatever else they want to add. When complete, attach to a wall in the house to create an amazing personalized piece of wallpaper.
  2. Make Santa’s Grotto – Let your child paint a large cardboard box in bright colors, both inside and out. When dry, add a cushion, some cuddly toys and some fairy-lights to create your child’s very own Santa’s grotto. If you only have a small cardboard box available, make a grotto for your child’s toys instead!
  3. Paint Festive Bunting – For this, you’ll need some paper plates and some string. Firstly, cut the paper plates into triangles. Then, let your child paint on each one. They could select a theme – for example, snow-flakes or Christmas trees; or a variety of seasonal images. Once dried, attach the triangles to a length of string to create some colorful festive bunting.
  4. Create Christmas Cards – Here’s where it’s time to put the paintbrushes away and let your child use their fingers instead! Let them dip their thumbs in white paint to create a snowman’s body and head, or a finger dipped in green paint to create a Christmas tree. Once dry, your child can add the finishing touches with a fine paintbrush – such as scarves, hats and tree decorations.
  5. Make A Winter Window – For this, you’ll need a sheet of white paper and 6 strips of black paper. On the white paper, encourage your child to create a winter scene, such as a friendly snowman, Santa flying through the sky on his sleigh, or a robin in the snow. Once dry, attach 4 of the strips of black paper round the edges and then place the other two across the picture itself, creating a ‘window pane’ effect. Stick on the wall for your child to enjoy their very own magic winter window!
  6. Face Painting – Of course, painting doesn’t need to be limited to paper. If you have some face paints, transform your child into Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, or add some rosy cheeks and sparkles to turn them into elves. If you’re feeling brave – let your child have a go at painting your face!
  7. Blow-Paint Some Christmas Sprites – In a pot, mix some paint with some water. Next, let your child tip some of the paint gently on to a piece of paper, then blow around with a straw to create some crazy, spiky shapes. Repeat with a variety of colors for a bright, eye-catching effect. Then, once they’re dry, your child can add facial details with a pen, and even add glitter for some additional festive sparkle.
  8. Create A Festive Artist’s Studio – Invest in a children’s artist’s easel and deck out an area in your home with tinsel, baubles and some Christmas music. Encourage your child to pretend that they’re Santa’s official elf-painter, and get them creating some festive paintings to send to loved ones. Even better, pose for them in front of the Christmas tree!
  9. Turn-Taking Game – Help your child develop valuable social skills by taking turns to create a picture together. Adding one stroke of paint each, let the painting grow organically, and see what sort of festive image you end up with. The process involves not only turn-taking, but a lot of negotiation too!
  10. ‘Hand’ Painted Canvases – For this, you’ll need a cheap artist’s canvas and a few paper plates. Squeeze out some washable paints on to the plates, then let your child use their whole hand to create a festive piece of artwork for the wall. Green paint and splayed fingers work perfectly for Christmas tree shapes, or alternatively, white paint and an upside down hand on the canvas makes a Santa face, complete with beard!

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